Leicester Underwater Exploration club is delighted to offer prospective divers the opportunity to explore the underwater world prior to undertaking a formal dive qualification. Led by one of our BSAC qualified instructors, a try dive is an ideal opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with some of the basic principles of scuba diving at minimal expense.

Typically our try-dives last one hour and take place in the pool at Aylestone Leisure Centre on a Thursday evening. Suitable for individuals aged 12 or above, our try dives begin with some poolside tuition during which time you will be introduced to basic diving techniques and learn about the key equipment you will use during your dive. You will then be invited to embark on a short, instructor-led scuba dive in the pool.

We want to ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from your first scuba dive - and want to repeat the experience time and time again. You will therefore, learn how to communicate under the water and why you should take care in order to keep yourself safe and healthy when diving. After taking the plunge we will also help you to adapt to the water pressure around you by equalising your ears so that you are comfortable for the duration of your dive.

Our try dives cost £10 and can be scheduled on request. As part of your try-dive fee we will provide you with all the equipment you require to safely complete the dive, this includes a mask and fins, buoyancy jacket (BCD), air cylinder and a set of breathing regulators to help you breathe safely and comfortably under the water. All you need to bring along is a towel, clothes suitable for swimming in the water (for example shorts and a t-shirt or a ’shortie’ wetsuit) and a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

Book a try-dive

Before you undertake a try-dive you will be asked to review and complete a BSAC try-dive medical and responsibility declaration form (pdf 187kb). We recommend that you review this form before booking your try-dive to ensure that you are medically fit and ready to proceed. Then, when you are ready to take the plunge please contact us to organise a mutually convenient time for your first dive experience.

If however, you don’t feel quite ready to scuba dive why not learn to snorkel first? Our BSAC qualified snorkel trainers can teach you core finning and breathing techniques to help you become water confident before you embark further under the water

LUEC instructor Cliff teaches trainee Alisha scuba basics during her try dive