Welcome to Leicester Underwater Exploration Club (LUEC)

Founded in 1958, Leicester Underwater Exploration Club (LUEC) is one of the largest scuba diving and snorkelling clubs in the East Midlands. Affiliated to the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) - the UK’s leading dive club and national governing body, we are an award winning branch with an active membership base of over 50 members.

With strong links to Stoney Cove - the UK’s national dive centre - the large, inland quarry is our preferred site for our outdoor training sessions and celebrations. We pride ourselves on being a non-commercial organisation dedicated to the ongoing development of the sub-aqua diving and snorkelling. Through our established group of BSAC internationally-qualified, volunteer instructors we offer a range of BSAC snorkelling and dive qualifications, try dives and ongoing skill development courses (SDC’s).

Our youngest snorkelling member is just 12 years old and our oldest active diver is well over 70! New members are always welcome to join us at our weekly training and social evenings at the city’s Aylestone Leisure Centre. We also welcome fellow divers with affiliations or diving qualifications acquired through other dive training agencies including PADI, SSI, TDI and NAUI.

Incorporating an active calendar of regional, national and international dive trips, we pursue a range of dive sites, experiences and environments to suit all levels of diving (and snorkelling) abilities and interests. When exploring the waters around the UK we have use our own 6.8m Rigid Hull Inflatable (RIB) boat, which is perfectly suited to UK diving and enables us to explore where ever we choose, whenever we want. We also use chartered boats and have even been know to discover, survey and adopt uncharted shipwrecks!

Within the club great friendships have been forged and we welcome non-diving family members to come along and join in club activities too and so if you’re looking for something exciting to do this weekend why not get in touch?