Committee members

Like many organisations, LUEC has a committee of volunteers that run the branch on behalf of its members. The committee meets on a monthly basis, with members and officers elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October of each year.

Chair: Becca

In the role of Club Chair, Becca provides oversight to the Committee and ensures the efficient operation of the branch.

Diving Officer: Rowan

Rowan’s father taught him to dive, when he was just a boy living in South Africa. Having not achieved any formal diving qualifications, he joined BSAC in the UK in 2011 and quickly completed his Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader qualifications. Rowan recently qualified as a BSAC Open Water Instructor (OWI). Rowan has also completed BSAC Diver Coxswain and Sports & Explorer's Mixed Gas Diver SDC's. A sidemount diver, he is also an IANTD Introductory Cave Diver. As a professionally qualified engineer, Rowan enjoys all things technical and can often be found tinkering with a variety of gadgets and gizmos. As our Club Diving Officer (DO), Rowan has overarching responsibility for all Club diving, training and member safety.


Training Officer: Sarah

With in excess of 200 dives behind her, Sports Diver Sarah is currently working towards her BSAC Dive Leader qualification.
Sarah joined LUEC in 2010 and is an Assistant Instructor. Cold water does not put her off and she can often been found at Stoney Cove over the winter months. Whilst Sarah is a huge fan of the Red Sea and all that it has to offer, by far her favourite dive experiences have involved the seals colonies in the Farnes.

As the Club’s Training Officer, Sarah provides assistance to our DO and is responsible for organising training activities. In her spare time Sarah is a nurse.

Secretary: Jackie

Jackie joined LUEC in 2016 in order to take her dancing to new depths and trade in her two left feet for fins. As a qualified snorkelling member, Jackie has been known to do the Tango at the deep end of the pool. Jackie likes to brighten up Club nights by bringing along items of interest ‘show and tell’ style. Jackie hopes to progress to scuba diving one day - if she can devise a way of removing a cork from a wine bottle at 20m. Jackie has excellent communication skills - with members and seals alike and has a reputation for being prompt, no matter how long it takes, especially with committee minutes.

As the Club’s Secretary, Jackie manages all formal communications and is the link between the LUEC and BSAC.

Treasurer: Jurek

Good-old Jurek. So famous, he’s only know by his first name. He collects the money and we try to spend it as fast as we can! He should be made Chancellor of the Exchequer as, somehow, he always manages to get our subs out of us and still leave us smiling. Jurek has been a member since 1783 and is unquestionably a safe pair of hands.

As the Club’s Treasurer, Jurek keeps strict financial accounts and manages membership subscriptions and payments. At the end of the Club’s financial year, Jurek prepares the final accounts for members approval at the AGM.

Boat Officer: Tony

Tony is an Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor. He controls the logistics of our trips and, in conjunction with Club member Simon Brookes, keeps our RIB “Vixen” in tip-top condition. Tony has many years of diving and sea-going experience (a Navy Submariner no less) and can be relied on for sound advice. His diving trips are legendary and are often oversubscribed.

Snorkelling Officer: John

We are in the very privileged position of having three nationally qualified snorkel instructors, including John.

In addition to delivering BSAC approved snorkelling training programmes, John and the team deliver the first stage of our scuba training programmes to ensure that our trainees can both fin and control their breathing properly. John also heads up our very strong snorkelling group that has absolutely no desire at all to mess about with all that “scuba nonsense!”


Equipment Officer: Dave

LUEC is in a fortunate position where we have a vast array of snorkelling and scuba equipment that we are able to loan to our members. Dave is responsible for the maintaining the equipment to ensure that it is well looked after and where appropriate, we comply with health and safety requirements. Members are encouraged to speak with Dave at a Club Night to discuss their equipment needs. Long term loans are common and we offer very reasonable deposit and hire financial plans.

Committee Member & Welfare Officer: Katherine

Katherine started diving whilst at university in 1986, moving to LUEC in 1993 and has been a dedicated member ever since. Initially slow to get her diving qualifications, Katherine is now an Advanced Diver, Open Water Instructor and Assistant Boat Handler. Katherine soon found that she needed to develop a purpose for her diving. She didn’t want to be the person who came back and said ‘Oh, I saw some metal and some fish!’. As such Katherine trained to become a SeaSearch Surveyor. Always on hand to give guidance and instruction Katherine is more than happy to pass on her broad knowledge to our divers both old and new.

During LUEC’s expedition to Eugenie Rock, she took the opportunity to do her nitrox, gas blending and Nautical Archaeology Course (NAS) qualifications. Katherine loves rib diving, even though she gets sea-sick, and enjoys diving in British waters, although that’s not to say she wouldn’t snap up the chance to go somewhere exotic! A ‘snap’ photographer, most of her pictures are to help her list the plethora of animals seen rather than good pictures.

Committee Member & Social Media Officer: Helen

Helen loves sharks and is on a mission to gain the skills required to enable her to dive to the sea bed to observe Great Whites in their natural environment. Having joined LUEC at the beginning of 2018, Helen achieved her BSAC Ocean Diver qualification at Stoney Cove in the September before embarking on her first leisure dive (with the sharks and a friendly Big-nosed Unicornfish) at Skegness Aquarium.

When Helen isn’t splashing around in her ‘flippers’ and ‘goggles’ she is known to travel extensively as part of her day job. On occasion she can be spotted on her road-bike tackling the hills in southern Leicestershire or more likely in a bar – vodka in hand!