Committee Members


Chairman: Becca Phillips


Diving Officer: Rowan McCall

Rowan began diving as a boy when his father taught scuba-diving in South Africa. Having not achieved any formal diving qualifications, he joined BSAC in the UK in 2011 and completed his Ocean Diver the following year. Sports Diver and Dive Leader followed shortly after and he has recently qualified as a BSAC Open Water Instructor (OWI). Rowan has also gone on to complete his BSAC Diver Coxswain and Sports & Explorer's Mixed Gas Diver SDC's. A sidemount diver, he has is also an IANTD Introductory Cave Diver. A professionally qualified engineer, Rowan enjoys all things technical and can often be found tinkering with a variety of gadgets and gizmos.

Training Officer: Sarah Kirkpatrick


Secretary: Jackie Hart


Treasurer: Jurek

Good-old Jurek. So famous, he’s only know by his first name. He collects the money and we try to spend it as fast as we can! He should be made Chancellor of the Exchequer as, somehow, he always manages to get our subs out of us and still leave us smiling. Jurek has been a member since 1783 and is unquestionably a safe pair of hands.


Boat Officer: Tony Farrant

Tony is an Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor. He controls the logistics of our trips and, in conjunction with Simon Brookes, keeps our RIB “Vixen” in tip-top condition. Tony has many years of diving and sea-going experience (a Navy Submariner no less) and can be relied on for sound advice. His diving trips are legendary and are often oversubscribed.


Snorkelling Officer: John Richardson

We are in the very privileged position of having three snorkel instructors, of which John is one, handing our diving instructors quality trainees that can both fin and control their breathing properly. We have a very strong snorkelling group that has absolutely no desire at all to mess about with all that “Scuba nonsense!”


Committee Member & Social Media Officer: Helen Chauhan

Helen loves sharks and is on a mission to gain the skills required to enable her to dive to the sea bed with Great Whites off the south coast of Australia. Having joined LUEC at the beginning of 2018 Helen achieved her BSAC Ocean Diver qualification at Stoney Cove in September before embarking on her first leisure dive (with the sharks and a friendly Big-nosed Unicornfish) at Skegness Aquarium.

When Helen isn’t splashing around in her ‘flippers’ and ‘goggles’ she is known to travel extensively as part of her day job. On occasion she can be spotted on her road-bike tackling the hills in southern Leicestershire or more likely in a bar – vodka in hand!

Committee Member & Welfare Officer - Katherine Burns

Katherine started diving at University in 1986, moving to LUEC in 1993 and has been a dedicated member for over 20 years. Initially slow to get her diving qualifications, Katherine is now an Advanced Diver, Open Water Instructor and Assistant Boat Handler. Katherine soon found that she needed to develop purposeful diving, although still  just for the fun of it, she didn’t want to be the person who came back and said ‘Oh, I saw some metal and some fish!’ so trained to become a SeaSearch Surveyor. Always on hand to give guidance and instruction Katherine is always happy to pass on her broad knowledge to our divers both new and old.

During LUEC’s expedition to Eugenie Rock, she took the opportunity to do her nitrox, gas blending and Nautical Archaeology Course (NAS) qualifications. Katherine loves rib diving, even though she gets sea-sick, and enjoys diving in British waters, although that’s not to say she wouldn’t snap up the chance to go somewhere exotic! A ‘snap’ photographer, most of her pictures are to help her list the plethora of animals seen rather than good pictures.