BSAC diver training

As a BSAC affiliated club, we are proud to be able to offer a range of BSAC accredited dive qualifications. Our courses are delivered by DBS checked, internationally qualified, volunteer Club members. A key benefit of learning with us is that your training will progress at a pace that suits you. Some people may complete a course in a couple of months, others may take a year.

A summary of the courses can be found below. For further information or to register your interest in any of the programmes please contact the Training Officer or use the form below.

Ocean Diver

The BSAC’s Ocean Diver course is an entry-level open water diver qualification. It will equip you with core skills to dive to a maximum of 20 metres in open water, in the UK and abroad.

To undertake this course you must be a minimum of 12 years old and comfortably swim 200m in a pool.

As part of the training you will:

  • learn how to use basic dive gear, including a mask and snorkel. 

  • learn how to control your buoyancy and underwater movements.

  • understand basic scuba diving safety skills including the importance of time, depth and gas.

  • Discover how to plan and manage your diving.

The course consists of six theory modules, at least five sessions in a pool or sheltered water, and at least four open-water dives.

Throughout the course your progress will be continually assessed. This ensures that the pace of the programme suits you and that you are competent in one skill before moving on to the next stage.

Sports Diver

Once you have completed the Ocean Diver training programme and got a few dives under your belt you may want to take your underwater adventures to the next level.

BSAC’s Sports Diver will broaden your experience in a variety of challenging open-water conditions. You will learn essential techniques to prepare you for diving to a maximum of 35 metres.

Following successful completion of this course you will be able to spot if something is wrong and what to do in an emergency including self-rescue, recovery of unresponsive divers, and basic life support.

The course includes six theory modules, a practical session on how to support a Dive Manager, a sheltered-water rescue skills session, and six open-water dives.

You will be provided with plenty of time to practise your skills.

To undertake this course you must have successfully completed an Ocean Diver course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency). In order to progress to depths greater than 20m (post qualification) you must be a minimum of 14 years old.

Dive Leader

If you want to extend your personal diving skills and learn how to plan and lead dives for others, the Dive Leader qualification is the exciting next step in your development as a diver.

This course is a natural step for members who want to take a more active role in the Club, including becoming an Ocean Water Instructor or helping to organise Club dives.

The training prepares you to dive to depths of up to 50 metres in a range of challenging conditions, following a series of post-qualification depth progression dives.

To undertake this course you must have successfully completed a Sport Diver course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency) and be aged 14 years or older.

Divers aged between 12 and 14 can complete the elements of Dive Leader training that do not require diving deeper than 20m.

Advanced Diver

If you want to manage challenging diving activities and expeditions in places you haven’t been before, then Advanced Diver is the course for you.

Advanced Divers are role models in BSAC clubs, able to lead groups in new situations, which can be remote and require detailed planning backed up by a huge amount of experience.

Advanced Diver training is essential for Dive Leaders who want to organise diving to places they’ve not been before, or Open Water Instructors who want to become Advanced Instructors.

On this course you will further your skills in rescue management and seamanship – using small boats as diving platforms, do your own chartwork and navigation – and develop your leadership qualities and dive organisation skills.

To undertake the Advanced Diver course you must have already successfully completed a BSAC Dive Leader course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency) and be at least 14 years old.

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