Equipment hire

LUEC divers in Stoney Cove

LUEC is in a fortunate position where we have a vast array of snorkelling and scuba equipment that we are able to loan to our members. Our Equipment Officer is responsible for the maintaining the equipment to a high standard and where appropriate, ensure that we comply with health and safety requirements. Equipment loans are common and we offer very reasonable deposit and hire payment plans.

Loaning equipment is a great way to get started with either sport as it gives you the chance to try out lots of different types, styles and sizes before you commit to purchasing your own. We do however, recommend that you purchase a mask and snorkel in order to achieve best fit.

As you become more proficient, you are likely to want to start buying your own diving equipment. There are a number of places in the East Midlands where you can buy diving gear, including the dive centre at Stoney Cove. Searching online can give you an idea of prices – but one of the advantages of being in a club is that you can chat to other members to get an idea of what to buy, and where.

Examples of our monthly equipment hire charges are: Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) - £4, regulators - £7 and cylinders - £2. We also have a range of weights and weight belts, open heeled fins, pool fins and gloves, although availability may be limited depending on demand.

Members are encouraged to speak to the Equipment Officer on a Club Night to discuss their equipment needs.