Snorkelling is a sport that can be pursued by individuals of all ages, couples, family groups and friends alike. It is inexpensive and only requires three simple pieces of equipment - a mask, snorkel and fins. It can be a great way to explore the underwater environment - adding much enjoyment to holidays and day trips.

The best way to learn quickly and safely is to receive tuition from experienced instructors. Fortunately, you do not need to live close to the sea to learn how to snorkel; LUEC has been successfully delivering snorkelling training courses for over 30 years.

Learn to snorkel with LUEC

LUEC has three BSAC qualified snorkel instructors who have over 50 years' experience between them.

Our DBS checked instructors offer various types of snorkel training to individuals aged eight years or above. Training can be tailored to you and your needs and will be carried out at a pace comfortable for you. 

Training sessions cover snorkel theory and practical skill development activities to ensure that you get the most from your equipment. You will learn to fin on the surface and should you wish, breath-hold diving techniques so that you can get a closer look at the sea bed. You will also learn to enter and exit the water safely.

We offer:

  • A 90 minute ‘come and try it’ session - you will be taught the basics, including how to safely use a mask, snorkel and fins. £5/person

  • Five-week pool-based course - after learning basic snorkelling techniques you will to progress on to advanced skills.  This will prepare you for snorkelling confidently in open water locations whilst on holiday. £25/person

If you don't have your own equipment we have a number of sets of basic equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) which you can borrow during training.

Skill development

Following your initial training, if you would like to progress further, you are welcome to join the club as a BSAC snorkel member and train for your BSAC Open Water Snorkel Diver and Advanced Snorkeller qualifications.

As a member, you can use the pool on a club night to either further your snorkelling skills or just have a swim - this facility is included in your membership fee. 

Snorkelling and diver training

For those who do want to take up diver training with the Club, we ask all new dive trainees spend some time learning how to snorkel correctly before going on to full scuba training. This enables you to concentrate on learning scuba specific skills without having to master fundamentals like finning techniques at the same time! Over the years we have found that this makes for a better, more confident diver.

LUEC Snorkel instructor John with members Jackie and Phil in Malta (2019)

For further information or to schedule your first snorkelling training session please contact the Snorkel Training Officer or use the form provided.

** Please note that due to demand, there is currently a three month waiting list for snorkel training **

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